Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wrestlemania 22_Shawn Micheals Vs Vince McMahon_Review

Wrestlemania 22_Shawn Micheals Vs Vince McMahon

I expected the four month feud between them end here at
Wrestlemania.Shawn Micheals didnot showed any fear on his face.

McMahon used more tricks to beat Shawn but Shawn's fearles
face defeats all of them.Tables,ladders and some weapons used by the participants.Shawn McMahon's sucking scene on his father is viewable by the children.
After the flying scene and hitting the Vince on the Table is fantastic.Lastly,the stretcher takes McMahon ,Shawn wins the unforgettable Wrestlemania night.

I watched this
match over and over.
In my point of view this was the best match of
Wrestlemania 22 in 2006.

Rating: 4/5

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vengeance 2005: Batista Vs Triple H

Vengeance 2005: Batista Vs Triple H_Review

In this match entirely Triple H dominated over Batista but the result have been negative for me,because I am the fan of The Game.When looking on the entry scene Batista showed some fear on his eyes but Triple H have not.

Whatever going to else The Game fans like me expected a new champion.Triple H played around the Cell well but lastly he losen at when he cannot go beyond the limit.

The steel chair combined with the barb wire is the newest thing for Hell In a Cell match.Both of them used that weapon and the Sledge Hammer were not played the vital role because it can changed the match at the lost moment when Batista bomb delived to Triple H.

And Finally this was the great match for the Batista's career and gave the loser title for the Triple H. I am not changed,I am still the one of the fan of Cerebral Assasin,Triple H.